Lake Management

Water is the most valuable resource we have. Lakes & ponds are an important part of our landscape & water retention management. Our lakes have become over loaded with high levels of nutrients due to erosion, run off, fertilizers, & decomposing plant life. All these components accelerate aquatic weeds & algae growth. To achieve success in controlling aquatic plant growth, you must implement an integrated management program that combines all the management tools that are available to you.
Takate Water Technology is a full service lake management company that can maintain your lake for you & supply you with its product & guidance.

A growing global trend is to install surface spray aerators in golf course ponds or lakes that are less than 15 feet (5 m) deep. The primary reason is that these aerators provide the best vertical circulation to add dissolved oxygen to the water. This circulation helps to maintain an ecological balance, which in turn assures sufficient water quality. Rain Bird offers a complete line of lake management aerators that help to maintain this water quality to support efficient golf course irrigation.