Green Wall

A new service introduced by Takate Water Technology, where we assist clients in setting up vertical Gardens/ Green Wall to enhance the indoor & outdoor culture of environment. We provide a unique service with specific design as per the client & which is also safe to install. Because of modern addition to design & architecture,

Green wall are ideal to bring life to:
» Commercial buildings & office areas
» Public & Municipal parks & buildings
» Educational facilities
» Healthcare facilities
» Retail stores
» Eco-friendly buildings

These walls harness the power of nature by producing remarkable benefits:
» It improves air quality of your office & environment
» It gives protection to buildings
» It reduces energy costs as it reduces the temperature & doesn't allow temperature to rise above 4-5 C
» It gives relaxing environment
» Increases property value as it reflects modernity, forward thinking & environment friendly.
» Eco-friendly buildings